Empty Settings

Empties have a special usage in XPlane2Blender. Having no mesh and no material, they are a fast and easy way to group and animate other Blender Objects. Post 3.5, they are also the way to specify special types of objects, such as particle emitters. Being a Blender Object, they share all the characteristics with what is covered here.

XPlane2Blender Settings

Empty Special Type

Type Use
None No special usage
Particle Emitter Empties location and rotation will be used to emit particles in X-Plane
Sound Emitter A planned but unimplemented feature to set X-Plane sound emitters

Particle Emitter Settings

Emitter Name - A name from a .pss file that will be reference by the OBJ Emitter Index - The index of that Emitter Name to use, if there is one. Leave as 0 if not specified.

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